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New Honeywell 51201557-150 I/O Link Module, Single, CC - Grandly Automation Ltd

New Honeywell 51201557-150 I/O Link Module, Single, CC - Grandly Automation Ltd

New Honeywell 51201557-150 I/O Link Module, Single, CC - Grandly Automation Ltd

Product Details:

Place of Origin: USA
Brand Name: Honeywell
Model Number: 51201557-150

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Packaging Details: New
Delivery Time: 2 weeks
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 10 pcs
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 pc
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Detailed Product Description

Honeywell Supplier - Grandly Automation Ltd

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Grandly Automation Ltd is a leader in the industrial automation field , we can supply what you neeed , whether latest technology or obsoleted products.

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Manufacturer: Honeywell

51201420-010 Cabl1e, FTA I/O Phone/Phone,10M,non-EC 
51201420-012 Cable, FTA I/O Phone/Phone,12M,non-CE 
51201420-015 Cable, FTA I/O Phone/Phone,15M,non-CE 
51201420-020 Cable, FTA I/O Phone/Phone,20M,non-CE 
51201557-150 I/O Link Module, Single, CC 
51201557-350 I/O Link Module, Triple, CC 
51201667-100 Cable, HPM Redundancy 
51202306-915 Cable, I/O LIM Protection, 1.5M 
51204146-003 ControlNet Trunk Cable (3M) 
51204146-010 ControlNet Trunk Cable (10M) 
51204160-175 FTA, D/I 24VDC, Comp Term, CC, CE 
51204162-175 FTA, D/O 24VDC, Comp Term, CC, CE 
51204166-175 HD FTA, D/O Relay, Comp Term, CC,CE 
51204170-250 HD FTA, HLAI/STI, Comp Term, CC 
51204172-175 HD FTA, A/O w/Standby, Comp Term,CC,CE 
51303932-476 FTA, Serial I/F, Modbus RS-232, CC 
51303940-150 Fan Assy w/Alarm, 115V, CC 
51303940-250 Fan Assy w/Alarm, 230V, CC 
51303948-100 Battery Assy, 48V 
51303979-550 APM I/O LINK DRIVER CC 
51304084-175 FTA, Pulse input, Comp Term, CC 
51304335-175 FTA, Redundant A/O, Comp Term, CC 
51304337-250 FTA, Redundant HLAI/STI, ScrewTerm,CC 
51304362-150 IOP, LLAI Mux, CC 
51304362-350 IOP, Serial I/F, CC 
51304386-150 IOP, Pulse Input, CC 
51304419-150 IOP, Fiber Optic, CC 
51304431-175 FTA, 240VAC D/I, Comp Term, CC 
51304437-150 FTA, LLAI, Comp Term, CC 
51304441-175 FTA, 24VDC D/I, Comp Term, CC 
51304453-150 FTA, HLAI/STI, Comp Term, CC 
51304465-100 Cable, Twisted Pair w/Shield, 30cm 
51304465-200 Cable, Twisted Pair w/Shield, 66cm 
51304465-300 Cable, Twisted Pair w/Shield, 100cm 
51304465-500 Cable, Twisted Pair w/Shield, 300cm 
51304476-175 FTA, A/O, Comp Term, CC 
51304481-150 IOP, LLAI, CC 
51304485-150 IOP, DI, CC 
51304487-150 IOP, D/O, CC 
51304493-250 APM MODEM CC, R400 
51304516-250 IOP, STI/MV, CC 
51304518-150 APM ADV CONTROLLER  CC 
51304584-100 I/O Card, EPDGP 
51304648-175 FTA, 120/240VAC SS D/O, Comp Term,CC,CE 
New Honeywell 51201557-150 I/O Link Module, Single, CC - Grandly Automation Ltd


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